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Documentation: https://predicate.readthedocs.io/
Source Code: https://gitlab.com/mc706/predicate
Issue Tracker: https://gitlab.com/mc706/predicate/issues
PyPI: https://pypi.org/project/predicate/

Predicate takes the django queryset filtering language and applies it to building python native predicate functions that you can pass to the filter builtin.

This library is mean to make creating native python filter functions readable and easy:

>>> from predicate import where

>>> people = [
...     {'name': {'first': 'Joe', 'last': 'Smith'}, 'age': 25},
...     {'name': {'first': 'Jane', 'last': 'Smith'}, 'age': 27},
...     {'name': {'first': 'John', 'last': 'Smith'}, 'age': 33},
...     {'name': {'first': 'Bill', 'last': 'Bob'}, 'age': 40},
...     {'name': {'first': 'Joe', 'last': 'Bob'}, 'age': 59},
... ]

>>> young_smiths = list(filter(where(name__last__iexact='smith', age__lte=30), people))

>>> young_smiths
[{'name': {'first': 'Joe', 'last': 'Smith'}, 'age': 25}, {'name': {'first': 'Jane', 'last': 'Smith'}, 'age': 27}]


This project is distributed via pip. To get started:

pip install predicate